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Tabby Award

DDA was one of the first winners of the Tabby Award, having earned the accolade for the Philips XperGuide iPad app the first year the competition was introduced in 2012.

Peer-to-Peer Collaboration and Deep Learning Tool Wins Tabby Award for 2014

Tablet computing use rises year after year as more people in both the business and medical communities recognize the incredible potential represented in tablet's unique combination of powerful data processing, portability, and ease of use. DDA was one of the first winners of the Tabby Award, having earned the accolade for the Philips XperGuide iPad app the first year the competition was introduced in 2012. DDA has demonstrated its commitment to expanding the potential of the tablet platform again with the ETHOS Engage™ Interactive iPad Meeting Platform, a peer-to-peer synchronized deep learning and collaboration application for pharmaceutical advisory board meetings, launched in 2014.

ETHOS Engage addresses one of the greatest challenges in the healthcare communications industry: how to capture and keep the attention of clinicians in a world filled with individuals and organizations scrambling to do the same. The crisp visuals, touch-screen interactivity, and collaborative potential that have made adoption of tablet devices, particularly the Apple iPad®, nearly ubiquitous among clinicians made development on this platform the obvious first step. The next step was to find a way to harness the full potential of tablet computing to create a fully immersive learning experience in which an elegant graphical user interface combines with collaboration tools that allow meeting facilitators to share both textual and visual information while interacting with their audiences in innovative ways.

In addition to the many new methods facilitators are provided to engage with their audiences, the app also includes tools that can be used to help audience members supplement the meeting materials they receive from facilitators through the app, thus encouraging active participation by the audience in the learning process. A variety of metrics are also captured by the app, helping meeting facilitators capture a better understanding of each meeting conducted with the help of the ETHOS Engage platform. Additional features were included to allow use of the ETHOS Engage platform at locations in which internet access was limited or unavailable. DDA also created a short video to introduce the app in addition to writing user's guides for ETHOS, meeting facilitators, and individual users. The ETHOS Engage meeting platform has become a crucial asset to the healthcare communications firm, as its potent combination of eye-catching design and extensive interactive features have helped the organization stand out as uniquely forward-thinking in an important and highly competitive market.

DDA-Developed eLearning Tool Earns Tabby Award for 2012

DDA-Developed eLearning Tool Earns Tabby Award for 2012

Tablet applications award businesses with increased efficiency and productivity in the workplace. It's only fitting that the best tablet apps are awarded for what they offer businesses. The Tabby Awards recognizes the latest in business apps developed for iPad, Android™ and Windows® 8 devices, and it's the only competition for this purpose, worldwide. An international panel of tablet professionals reviews business apps submitted from around the world and judge each app based on overall concept, speed, navigation, design, innovation, function, ease, performance, and end value for the user. The app that is chosen surpasses expectations in each of these categories and, for that, gains global recognition and prestige.

Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) developed the XperGuide iPad App for Philips Healthcare. This app is a mobile version of the XperGuide eLearning tool, which DDA developed utilizing innovative software engineering and design. Combining a rich virtual environment with the look and feel of a lab and operating room and extensive interactivity of the Philips XperGuide and XperCT systems, DDA took custom virtual medical simulation (VMS) programming to the next level and made it possible for healthcare professionals to learn complex tasks in a safe and visceral way. By creating this tool in a mobile digital training platform, medical professionals can break through the workshop walls and learn from anywhere, adding immeasurable value to the user.

Not only is this a valuable learning tool for the medical profession, but when DDA programmers added a custom administrative area for Philips to track how the tool was being used, it then became a beneficial way to measure the success of a business in helping medical professionals understand Philips Healthcare's new equipment and procedures. It's no surprise the XperGuide VMS eLearning tool was well-received by healthcare providers, and the coveted Tabby Award was not its first accolade. Philips chose to honor DDA by awarding the XperGuide eLearning tool a Best in Class for iPad Apps in 2012.

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