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Website Metrics Reporting

To be certain that your corporate website is producing the desired results, there are many website analytics tools available to analyze your site. Website traffic statistics will indicate the number of visitors you receive, the length of their stays, and the search engines they are using to find you.

Dynamic Digital Advertising also utilizes sophisticated website metric tracking software that analyzes each visitor's movement and illuminates weaknesses, obstacles, and ambiguities of the website. Website metrics tell DDA’s technicians where visitors are entering, what pages they are viewing, what actions they are taking, and for how long they are engaging in those actions. Metrics allows you to observe, understand, and react. Weaknesses can be eliminated and strengths can be enhanced.

Dynamic Digital Advertising understands that the launch of a website does not mean that the work is done. A website conversion metrics report is part of the package because an online business must succeed now and into the future. Metrics reporting is an invaluable tool to both DDA and its clients and is utilized as such.

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