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Virtual Medical Simulations

Just as advances in technology are giving way to more accurate diagnostic tools and more effective treatment options, these same advances are redefining medical training and education. DDA is pioneering virtual medical training with sophisticated web- and mobile-based simulations that allow trainees to be active participants instead of passive observers. DDA can create an immersive virtual environment that mimics an exam room, control room, emergency room, or operating room. Within this online environment, DDA can design and program a passive simulation that provides explanation and serves as a demonstration, as well as an active simulation that provides a hand-on experience where the user is able to practice through a series of interactive controls. Plus, DDA can develop a certification zone where users can put their skills to the test and perform a procedure on their own and at their own pace. Risk-free with 24/7 accessibility, online virtual simulations developed by DDA are your innovative solution to today’s medical training.

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