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Search Engine Marketing

Need to reach a wide audience and boost sales but want to keep marketing expenditures in check? Using DDA's search engine marketing (SEM) services to drive targeted traffic to your website is a relatively inexpensive way to gain visibility as compared to other marketing efforts. Not only will the number of visitors to your site multiply, but also the quality of your leads will increase since those visitors are actively looking for providers of your product or service.

At the foundation of Internet and search engine marketing is search engine optimization (SEO), which involves the identification, use, and repetition of relevant keywords and keyword phrases on web pages, providing a better presentation to the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN. In addition to natural (or organic) SEO, DDA's search engine marketing services include Google AdWords™, contextual ads, Pay-Per-Click programs, viral marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, banner ads, and more.

DDA has been placing websites in top search engine rankings since 1996 and continues to maximize site visibility for clients in a wide variety of markets. Come see why DDA was recognized by Goldline Research for being one of the "Ten Most Dependable Search Engine Marketing Firms" in the United States.

You've never found a better way to communicate, educate, train, explain, and connect than with DDA. When you're ready to explore the full possibilities of what DDA's digital world has to offer, contact DDA.