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Retail Videos

Static beauty shots are not enough to effectively sell products to today’s savvy consumers. Creative, high-quality product videos from DDA do more to win over retail customers. From video spins that showcase the brilliance of diamond jewelry to short infomercials that elaborate on unique features and benefits of pet supplies, DDA’s product videos are effective in generating increased retail sales. DDA is a full-service video production company and, as such, is able to film in our state-of-the-art studios or on location, write the script, cast a professional voice-over talent or on-screen spokesperson, integrate animation, music, and special effects, and embed the finished piece on a website or produce the video on a DVD or Blu-ray disc complete with a disc label and entrapment design that is complementary to the video interface design. The end result is one powerful retail sales tool that convinces even the most skeptical consumer to buy.

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