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Responsive Website Design and Development

Over half of all web browsing done today is done on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. With an increasing number of users accessing online content through a growing list of mobile devices, it is absolutely crucial that businesses and organizations ensure that their online market presence is optimized for compatibility with all platforms, browsers, and screen sizes. Responsive website design addresses this need through the use of unique content management techniques that allow for instantaneous adjustments to image and font sizes, layouts, and spacing that make the best use of the visual real estate available on any given platform.

Responsive websites represent a tremendous advantage over maintaining a separate smartphone-compatible website, since one website can serve both traditional computers and tablets as well as smartphones.  This cuts down both the initial expense in development as well as ongoing maintenance costs, since content updates need only be implemented on one responsive site to target both traditional and mobile browsers. Furthermore, responsive websites present their content in a much more tailored way that benefits all users.

Responsive websites also benefit the search engine optimization (SEO) value of a website. Since 2014, Google has based its search results in part upon whether or not a site has an optimized presentation for all mobile devices. Bing has announced similar changes benefiting mobile-compatible sites such as those with a responsive design, and Yahoo is expected to follow suit.

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