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Print-to-CD Catalogs

More economical, better for the environment, improved product presentation, faster ordering: there are many reasons why you should turn your print catalog into a CD-ROM catalog. DDA’s CD-ROM catalog experts can design a graphic user interface for your catalog that is consistent with your brand, program products into a framework that allows for intuitive navigation, design the disc and case label, and produce the CDs to your exact quantity specifications. More than that, however, DDA can create 360-degree product rotations, video demonstrations and testimonials, animations, and program eCommerce capabilities that take maximize the selling potential of catalogs on CD. Upgrade your catalog platform, give your customers a better shopping experience, and do it all with DDA.

You've never found a better way to communicate, educate, train, explain, and connect than with DDA. When you're ready to explore the full possibilities of what DDA's digital world has to offer, contact DDA.