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Photo-Realistic 3D Modeling for Print

The brilliance of jewelry, the fiber of textiles, or the ergonomic shape of a surgical device may not display well in an ordinary photograph. 3D modeling is the perfect alternative to photography when products are extremely small or large, finely detailed, or simply not photogenic. High-quality 3D models developed by DDA are sure to enhance all of your print promotions from brochures and catalogs to sell sheets and direct mail. After DDA’s modelers craft the initial 3D representation, texture, color, additional components, and lighting can all be integrated to further refine the image. For end use, DDA can either compile the 3D models into a print design already in the works at DDA, or provide you with the RGB file format you need for your diverse print applications. Rely on DDA’s 3D modeling services to promote your products with images that are better than photographs with higher resolution, brighter colors, and a stronger visual message.

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