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Mobile Social Networking Applications

What good is a mobile device if you can’t keep in touch with contacts no matter where you are? Of course, mobile phones allow users to call and text to keep in touch, but with all the social media choices available, we should be able to update our status from anywhere. Social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter are now mobile social networking applications. Now you can Tweet from the park, Like a restaurant before you get the check, and update your status with a picture on-the-go.

Social networking apps can be beneficial to businesses, too. For your business to grow, you should know what the customer wants. To know what they want, it helps to know the customer. To get to know the customer, it makes sense to get connected, and there’s no easier way to connect than through social networking. To make it even easier, DDA can design and develop social network connectivity into a mobile business application programmed for the iPad®, iPhone®, Android™ or for any other mobile device platform. Many businesses use social media to boost sales by offering special offers through Facebook or Twitter connections. With a mobile app designed around a social networking site, you can take your fans and followers with you, and they can be alerted of all you have to offer no matter where they are.

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