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Mobile Medical Education Applications

DDA has extensive experience designing and developing many types of mobile medical training apps for medical companies around the world. Taking mobile learning solutions further by including video, animation and interactivity, a DDA-designed mobile application can be programmed to your specifications. Anyone with access to a smartphone or other mobile device such as an iPad® can download a mobile app and let the learning begin. No matter what the course is in, from the simplest procedure to training on the most advanced technologies, there’s a mobile application to help you learn about it. When there isn’t one yet, DDA has the skills and technologies to make it happen.

There are also interactive eLearning apps that come disguised as games and animated videos. Virtual reality is not just for video games anymore. There are virtual medical simulations (VMS) that train physicians and other medical professionals on different advanced procedures and equipment use. Through the use of a mobile medical education app, users can interact with technology and become an active participant in their own education, not just by reading about an advancement, but by enjoying a hands-on experience.

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