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Locality Finder

It can be incredibly cumbersome and time-consuming for customers to hunt through long listings of contact information for organizations with multiple national locations, or those that are affiliated with a network of professionals based throughout the world. Make it easy for customers to find an organization’s nearest location with a locality finder custom programmed by DDA. The locality finder can be set up like a zip code locator, which allows users to search by zip code and specify a mile radius, or the finder can be programmed to allow users to search by state. DDA takes locality finders a step further by programming custom administrative back-end systems that allow site managers to add, edit, or delete contact information for locations on an individual and/or mass basis. If the network of locations serves multiple brands or service offerings, DDA can program this back-end to allow site managers to determine what location displays on what website. Make it easy for customers to find you and manage all of your locations in one central point with DDA’s custom locality finders.

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