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Interactive Immersive Environments

When you’re ready to take your simulation software to the next level, you can count on DDA to develop interactive immersive environments that will deeply engage users with an unbelievable level of authenticity. Interactive immersive environments combine 3D virtual reality design with interactive programming to demonstrate a degree of realism that can aide in the development of medical simulations and interactive learning environments such as DDA’s unique Virtual Medical Simulations (VMS). DDA can design immersive virtual environments that realistically reproduce the conditions of emergency, operating, exam, and control rooms to create medical simulation programs that can teach clinicians how to use new devices or perform new procedures in a realistic, but risk-free, environment. These interactive virtual environments can also be used to simulate day-to-day surroundings like a doctor’s office waiting room, where magazines can be selected and leafed through as if you were really there. The remarkable degree to which DDA can replicate surroundings that actually respond to the user’s input can inspire new advances in how we teach, train, educate, and promote in ways that seemed unimaginable before.

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