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When you need to provide financial information to a large audience in a way that can ensure engagement of the viewer and retention of the materials taught, DDA’s financial video design and production services are second to none. DDA has served a number of organizations by creating informational videos designed to aid viewers’ understanding of the key aspects of financial literacy, whether they focus on corporate or personal finance. DDA provides all the services necessary for the building of financial videos, from scriptwriting, design, and production to programming of interactive features for a web delivery platform. Furthermore, DDA can enhance the experience of financial training by integrating additional services beyond those typically needed for a video project. Through the use of synchronized media development, DDA can coordinate video, text, and graphics into one seamless multimedia platform that welcomes viewers into the world of finance through a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach that is sure to grab your audience’s attention and keep it. No matter what kind of financial education you seek to provide, DDA has the expertise needed to create a financial video that is sure to impress.

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