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2D Flash Animation

2D, vector-based, Flash® animation software is one of the most widely distributed plug-ins on the internet. DDA's professional and custom use of Flash animations for web and DVD/CD-ROM can bring interactivity to any multimedia presentation. When DDA includes 2D Flash animations in your multimedia format, viewers are engaged in high-quality, user-friendly environments that will help keep their attention and boost retention.

Complex processes and products are easier to understand and more aesthetically pleasing when shown through computer animations. DDA designers, animators and programmers can develop animated logos, Flash text, and graphic animations for online or multimedia presentations that creates a one-of-a-kind user experience.

You've never found a better way to communicate, educate, train, explain, and connect than with DDA. When you're ready to explore the full possibilities of what DDA's digital world has to offer, contact DDA.