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Responsive Websites

Responsive in Every Sense of the Word

The internet of things has transformed the way we connect to websites. Mobile devices with internet access like smartphones are ubiquitous to modern lifestyles. But viewing traditional website designs on smaller screens can be very difficult, and navigation next to impossible. Since 2015, over half of all search engine queries have been made from mobile devices. For this reason, Google has created a separate search index serving just small mobile devices like smartphones. Websites that do not offer a mobile-optimized presentation are penalized in the search results. Google and Bing now both actively identify which websites are mobile-optimized for those searching from these devices on their results pages. It is crucial that all websites are mobile optimized to ensure maximum search engine rank going forward.

Responsive Web Design for All Devices

Responsive website design is the perfect way to satisfy Google's new mobile optimization requirements by ensuring that your website presents perfectly and navigates smoothly on all devices and screen sizes. In the past, businesses and organizations that wanted to offer a strong experience on mobile needed to develop a separate mobile-optimized website. This was time-consuming in both the initial design and development, as well as in the long term, since content would need to be updated on two websites simultaneously whenever changes were implemented. Responsive website design eliminates the need to maintain two parallel websites to achieve mobile optimization. Now one website that is capable of serving all devices and screen sizes with the ideal user experience.

Responsive web design automatically adjusts the presentation of graphic and textual content to match the screen (or window) size of the user. Alternative menu systems are presented at the smallest design intervals to ensure that the menu system does not interfere with content presentation, but can be easily accessed at any point to navigate throughout the website with ease. The automatic adjustments of the design presentation benefit more than smartphone users. The typical compromises that were made between various monitor shapes, sizes, and resolutions of desktops and laptops, and the compromises that were made between portrait and landscape views, are no longer required with responsive web design. Responsive web designs are so powerful that they even dynamically adjust to changing window sizes, useful to users who typically are running crowded desktops with multiple windows open simultaneously.

All Platforms, Media, and Devices

The Future of Organic Search Engine Optimization

While Google has continued to make changes that prioritize its paid search ads over organic search results, organic SEO is still a crucial component to any comprehensive search engine marketing strategy. Even as Google takes more and more of the territory in its search engine results pages for its own paid AdWords pay-per-click ads, users continue to demonstrate a much greater trust in organic search results. Organic search engine results have approximately 20 times higher click-through rates than paid search results. High quality organic SEO content in a comprehensive and well-organized website architecture is crucial to getting people on your website, and getting them to stay. Content quality is determined in no small part by the amount of time and interaction users spend on your website, so longer visits and more page views per session all work to help bring your website links to the top of search engine query results.

It is crucial that all websites are mobile optimized to ensure maximum search engine rank going forward.

DDA is an industry leader in producing comprehensive search engine marketing platforms, having pioneered the white hat SEO techniques since 1996. Keyword research, content planning and development, website structuring, and best practices in HTML coding all work together to ensure each website created by DDA achieves maximum impact for its scope. All websites created by DDA are now launched with secure certificates to satisfy Google's recent HTTPS everywhere requirements and preserve rank. DDA also manages pay-per-click campaigns for those clients that seek to maximize their online exposure through all available avenues. Finally, its SureThing™ Search Engine Optimization Program provides continual improvement over time to ensure positive long-term outcomes. It is this comprehensive suite of effective search engine marketing services that led to DDA being named one of the Top Ten Most Reliable Search Engine Marketing Companies in the U.S. by Goldline Research in 2008.

High quality organic SEO content in a comprehensive and well-organized website architecture is crucial to getting people on your website, and getting them to stay.

Technology is ever evolving. DDA advances the craft of website creation to succeed with every challenge. Push ahead of the pack. Contact DDA today.

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