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Health Communication Award Recipients Announced

With great pride, DDA Medical announces the medical website, not-2-late.com, which was designed, developed, video enhanced, and search engine optimized by our team of professionals, has received the esteemed 2006 Aesculapius Award. The Aesculapius Awards of Excellence are given to producers of health-related radio and television PSAs (public service announcements) and World Wide Websites that the judges of the Health Improvement Institute (HII) consider excellent in communicating health information to the public. As only one PSA and one website receive the top prize each year – the official Aesculapius Award – this is quite an honor.

This is a non-profit oganization, partnered with Consumer Reports

Past awardees are:

Social and Health Services, Ltd. {2000 Winner} - www.surgeongeneral.gov
Center for Substance Abuse Prevention {2001 Winner} - www.health.org/gpower
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention {2002 Winner} - www.cdc.gov/powerfulbones
Rodale, Inc. {2003 Winner} - www.prevention.com
American Thyroid Association {2004 Winner} - www.thyroid.org
MedSeek, Inc. {2005 Winner} - www.drgreene.com

Aesculapius: Asclepius (Greek ’Aσκληιóς, transliterated Askelpiós; Latin Aesculapius) was the demigod of medicine and healing in ancient Greek mythology. Aesculepius represents the healing aspect of the medical arts. This symbol has become a symbol for physicians across the globe.

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