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ECommerce has transformed traditional shopping. Increasingly people are more inclined to shop online for the precise item they want than hop in the car and drive to a brick-and-mortar store that may or may not have the item in stock. This vast online marketplace has created the opportunity for businesses regardless of size to sell products and services to a more diversified and significantly larger customer base. Today’s online shoppers are savvy, they know what they want, and they’ve come to expect an intuitive shopping experience. ECommerce technology is evolving at a rapid pace to keep up with the demand. As a business owner, you need a professional ecommerce website design company with industry experience and proven results. DDA has the eCommerce solutions, credentials and track record you’re looking for. Successful eCommerce is more than just a shopping cart. Internet marketing, social media optimization, elegant user interfaces, intuitive shopping experiences, robust customer communications, and a high level of encryption and security all factor in. Not only do we design strategized landing pages, but our ecommerce developers have programmed complex cart systems that adhere to strict validations of third party service providers recognized by major credit card authorities. Our comprehensive metric reporting distinguishes effective strategies from pitfalls, which allows us to evolve your online business to meet the needs of your customers and keep up with the pace of technological advancements.

Mobile eCommerce Applications

Take your business beyond the brick-and-mortar, beyond the computer, and go mobile with eCommerce applications custom developed by DDA. DDA’s mobile application developers can design an eCommerce app that sends a virtual token (voucher or coupon) to a mobile phone that can be shown at the point of sale. DDA can also design mobile eCommerce apps that regularly send your customers a list of products they would be interested in. Alternatively, DDA can develop a mobile version of your retail eCommerce site that enables your customers to shop from anywhere as if they were in your store or using their desktop or laptop computer. You state the need and DDA delivers the solution; it’s as simple as that. For more information on the possibilities behind mobile application development, contact DDA.

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